Libyan Law and Expert Legal Opinions Firm in Tripoli Libya

Libyan Law and Expert Legal Opinions Firm Founded in 2010, our office is located in the heart of the Central Business District of Tripoli, Libya. We are expert in the field of law and offering our services in North Africa and middle east.

Committed to aiding in Libya’s reconstruction, development, and growth, we provide legal services to individuals and corporations in Libya, as well as foreign investors and multinationals. 

Libyan Law and Expert Legal Tripoli Libya

Opinions on Libyan Law

We have extensive experience in providing opinions on Libyan law for various different sectors, including maritime, construction, and oil & gas. Our managing partner, Dr. Mohamed Karbal serves as an expert legal witnesses on Libyan Law before courts and arbitration centers in Western jurisdictions, including France, London, U.K, New York, and Switzerland and has advised on various high-profile Libyan cases, including the Belhaj & Another v Straw & Others.

Our Libyan law practice advises on the areas of both private and public Libyan law, including civil law, administrative and criminal law.

GCC Laws

With over fifteen years of experience in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we assist clients by providing legal opinions on the laws of the the GCC, most notably the United Arab Emirates. Our experience includes advising on construction, maritime law, commercial and oil & gas laws.

Please see our Areas of Practice for more information on the sectors which we offer services.

Services in Jurisdictions in the Middle East and North Africa

Our office in Washington D.C partners with law firms across the Middle East and North Africa to represent clients interests in the region, including incorporation of companies. In collaboration with lawyers in competent jurisdiction, we advise clients on the laws of such jurisdictions.

Our partners include law firms and lawyers in Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and others.

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