As a leading Libyan law firm, our Libyan lawyers and experts examine the application of Libyan law in a number of industries and practices, including oil & gas, maritime & shipping, construction and commercial law.

We also examine the laws of other jurisdictions in the Middle East and North Africa, including the laws of the United Arab Emirates within the health care and maritime industry.

For more information on the legal and arbitration services we provide, please see our Practice Areas or contact us for further information.

Liability for Collisions under UAE Maritime Law

Liability for Collisions under UAE Maritime Law Hosting one of the world’s largest ports, Dubai has rapidly expanded to become a leading maritime hub. As an expected consequence of the growth of Dubai’s maritime industry, the number of… Read More

Liability for collisions under Libyan Maritime Law

Liability for Collisions under Libyan Maritime Law It is a known fact that the Libyan people are still struggling to establish a strong central government in order to fulfil the hopes and aspirations that inspired the revolution of… Read More

Libyan Construction Law: Contractor Liabilities

Libyan Construction Law: Contractor Liabilities Prior to the upheaval of the February 2011 revolution, Libya was already contending with various economic problems. Forty years of the Gaddafi regime’s irrational strategic planning and an apathetic mindset left Libya among… Read More

Dubai Health insurance

New Mandatory Health Insurance Law in Dubai A Brief summary  Starting in January 1, 2014, Dubai’s new mandatory health insurance went into effect. Inspired by legislation in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi, Dubai enacted Law No. 11… Read More

Libyan Oil Contracts: Negotiating the Future Generation of EPSA By Dr. Mohamed Karbal, Managing Partner at Karbal & Co. Libya Prior to the Discovery of Oil During the twentieth century, Libya enjoyed only nineteen years of peace. Of… Read More

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