Construction Services Law In Libya [International Law Firm]

Construction Law In Libya

Karbal & Co understands the importance of construction and infrastructure in developing a modern society and offering Construction Law advice in Tripoli, Libya. We are an international law firm and our offices are in Libya, Washington D.C.

We provide a variety of legal services relating to construction and urban planning. We advise clients on public-private partnerships, procurement of construction equipment, labour and employment contracts, corporate compliance and health and safety of work sites, project finance, regulatory compliance and environmental law.

Construction Services Law In Libya


We also have extensive experience in relation to construction arbitration in connection with the laws of Libya and the United Arab Emirates.


As a leading Libyan law firm committed to Libya’s reconstruction and development, we provide all legal services from contract negotiation and project finance, to procurement of construction equipment, construction litigation and dispute resolution (arbitration).

For foreign multinational construction companies, we provide legal services for the establishment of a foreign branch in Libya. We are prepared to assist foreign companies with all corporate and commercial requirements.  

Our firm provides legal opinions on all contentious matters involving Libyan law. In furtherance of assisting our clients, our Libyan legal consultants serve as expert witnesses for all legal matters involving Libyan law. 

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