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Practice Areas of Libyan Lawyer’s

Western-educated lawyers advising on the laws of the Middle East and North Africa. We are experts in international law and Practice Areas of Libyan Lawyer’s mentioned below:

As a leading Libyan law firm, we offer expert legal and arbitration services in the areas of cross-border transactions, oil & gas, maritime and shipping, international human rights and construction. For more information on the services we provide, please contact us. To see articles and publications relevant to the laws of our areas of practice, please see our articles.

Here is the list of our practice areas:

  • Libyan Legal Advice
  • legal and arbitration services
  • laws of Libya
  • legal and arbitration services
  • legal advisory services
  • laws of the GCC
  • leading oil & gas law firm
  • Libyan lawyers advise
  • Libyan oil & gas sector
  • GCC Laws & Expert legal opinions
  • maritime case
  • Libyan maritime law and practice
  • laws of the jurisdictions
Practice Areas of Libyan Lawyer - International Law Firm in Libya

Libyan Law, GCC Laws & Expert Legal Opinions in Tripoli

Practice Areas of Libyan Law Firm in Triploi

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Practice Areas of Libyan law

Maritime & Shipping Law in Libya

Practice Areas of Libyan international law firm

International Human Rights Law in Libya

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Corporate & Commercial in Libya

Oil & Gas Law in Libyan

Construction Law in Libya

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