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A Leading Libyan Law Firm

With offices in Washington, D.C., Tripoli, Libya, and Istanbul, Turkey, KARBAL & CO is an international law firm that provides legal and arbitration services to international and domestic clients on the laws of Libya and other jurisdictions of the Middle East and North Africa.


Practice Areas

As a full-service Libyan law firm, we offer legal and arbitration services in a number of practices and industries, including maritime, oil & gas, and construction. Through our Washington D.C. office, our lawyers offer legal advisory services on the laws of the GCC and North Africa.

Oil & Gas

As a leading oil & gas law firm, our Libyan lawyers advise clients on all legal matters pertaining to the Libyan oil & gas sector. Our consultants understand the importance of the language in oil & gas affairs in the Middle East and North Africa and this is why our legal work is performed in both English and Arabic. 

With offices in jurisdictions with robust maritime industries, we offer legal advice on all aspects of maritime and shipping law.

International Human Rights

With our proud commitment to human rights and justice, we provide comprehensive legal services concerning human rights law.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

On Managing Partner, Dr. Mohamed Karbal:

“I was fortunate to work with [Dr. Karbal] (using him as an expert witness on matters of Libyan law) in a large maritime case in Federal Court in New York. Dr. Karbal is a pleasure to work with; he is intelligent, diligent and thoughtful. His knowledge and understanding of Libyan law and maritime matters is impressive, and his analysis of the issues we dealt with in that context was thorough and insightful. . . Finally, I have found Dr. Karbal to be of the highest moral character.”

“We engaged Dr. Karbal as an expert witness on Libyan maritime law and practice. He was pleasant to work with, gave prompt and incisive advice, and stood up well to hours of aggressive questioning at deposition. We would not hesitate to engage him again if the need arises.”


Articles – A Leading Libyan Law Firm

Investing in Renewable Energy in Libya

Libya is an oil-producing country relying mainly on oil and gas as the principal energy source and income.  It is in dire need of searching for alternatives to fossil fuels for sustainable development.  Renewable energy in Libya is as abundant as fossil fuel energy. As an option, Libya can easily tap into its natural energy… Read More

Politics of the Libyan Oil Industry: The Latest Brawl

Since the revolution of 2011, the Libyan oil industry has been politicized and has faced various challenges. It has witnessed a chain of setbacks that started with armed militias controlling the oil ports and halting oil exports.  In addition to the armed struggle over the oil ports, the political interest of groups and individuals impacted… Read More

judge signing on the papers

Possessory Lien under Libyan Civil law

A possessory lien under Libyan law is created by contractual agreement.  It permits a creditor the right to remain in possession of an encumbered item, movable or immovable until the debtor has satisfied the debt. Therefore, a lien is a legal claim that one person, the creditor or the pledgee, has over the property of another, the debtor or… Read More

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