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Rebalancing Administrative Contracts under Libyan Law

by Dr. Mohamed Karbal Dr. Mohamed Karbal is licensed to practice law in Libya, New York and Washington D.C. and served as an expert witness on Libyan law for Tekfen-TML Joint Venture v. Man-made River. Rebalancing Administrative Libyan… Read More

Liability for collisions under Libyan Maritime Law Libya

Liability for collisions under Libyan Maritime Law Libya It is a known fact that the Libyan people are still struggling to establish a strong central government in order to fulfill the hopes and aspirations that inspired the revolution… Read More

The Arrest of Ships in Accordance with Libyan Law

The Arrest of Ships in Accordance with Libyan Law Dr. Mohamed Karbal is a New York lawyer and founder of Karbal & Co, a full-service international law firm that serves the needs of businesses and governments in Libya… Read More

Libyan Investment Law: Political developments and Economic Policies

Libyan Investment Law: It has been proven that political development is a prerequisite for economic development. In other words, to stabilize a national economy, economic growth must be accompanied by political maturity. Political maturity in turn will attract… Read More

Libya’s New Financial Regulatory Agency: Can it Boost Trading in Libyan

By Dr. Mohamed Karbal, Managing Partner at KARBAL & CO, and Nabilah Karbal, Associate at KARBAL & CO  Libya’s New Financial Regulatory Agency: Libya’s aim to diversify its economic activity by strengthening its financial sector and encouraging investments… Read More

Libyan Construction Law: Contractor Liabilities Libyan

Libyan Construction Law: Prior to the upheaval of the February 2011 revolution, Libya was already contending with various economic problems. Forty years of the Gaddafi regime’s irrational strategic planning and an apathetic mindset left Libya among the least… Read More