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Our Legal Team

Our team of legal consultants at KARBAL & CO is comprised of many of the best and highly experienced senior lawyers. Our lawyers have decades of experience representing clients in all aspects of law and supported by an excellent staff of paralegals and administrators. Our law firm is composed of a variety of lawyers trained in American, British, Libyan, and French law to provide legal advice for various sectors of the law. Our team is comprised of multi-lingual individuals who speak English, French and Arabic.

Dr. Mohamed Karbal - Partner

Our team is headed by Dr. Mohamed Karbal, an attorney licensed in New York, Dubai and Libya specializes in corporate, maritime and oil & gas laws.

Dr. Karbal's expertise encompasses corporate and commercial legal transactions in the Middle East and North Africa. Dr. Karbal has vast experience in both private and government sectors in the United Arab Emirates and Libya. Dr. Karbal is capable of providing an exceptional legal analysis while drafting documents concurrently in English and Arabic.

In addition to his experience in the private sector practice, Dr. Karbal has held various governmental positions such as the head of the legal department at the Abu Dhabi Health Authority and Transportation Department of Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Karbal received a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri, USA, a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Maritime Law from the University College London, (UCL), a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Law from Indiana University, Indiana, USA and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from the University of Benghazi, Libya. Dr. Karbal holds a Certificate in Maritime Dispute Resolution and Arbitration from Lloyd's Maritime Academy, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London, UK.

In addition to practicing law, Dr. Karbal has held the position of Associate Professor in various American and international universities.

Our Team

For information on our lawyers, paralegals and staff, please do not hesistate to contact our office.  

Notable Members

Nabilah Karbal - Associate, Corporate & Commercial 


Ms. Karbal has 3 years of professional experience working in a law firm environment. Ms. Karbal is a New York-licensed attorney and a member of the New York Bar Association. Ms. Karbal was educated at the University of Paris and Northwestern University School of Law. 

Ms. Karbal specializes in transactional law, with a particular interest in corporate law, securities and commercial law. Ms. Karbal holds an Islamic Finance Certification from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments. Specializing in Islamic finance, Ms. Karbal's paper "Ship Finance: Structuring Islamic Finance Transactions in the Maritime Industry" was published in Dubai's Marasi News. Ms. Karbal was interviewed by Islamic Finance News for an article where she explained the growing popularity of Islamic finance products in the maritime industry, the structure of an Islamic finance instrument, and the enforceability of Islamic finance contracts within Western jurisdictions. 


Asghar Bukhari - Senior Business Relations Manager 

Asghar Bukhari is a British Lawyer and Member of the Law Society of England and Wales. Trained as a solicitor in criminal law, he has obtained his higher rights as an advocate to the High Court in London.

An expert in his field and an accomplished public speaker, Mr. Bukhari has been invited to speak at both Oxford University and the most renowned debating society in Ireland's Trinity College. 

Since moving to the UAE, he has joined Karbal & Co as our senior business relations manager in order to grow business and service existing clients. 


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With offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Tripoli, Libya, KARBAL & CO is an international law firm that provides legal consultancy and arbitration services to contribute to the growth and development of the Middle East and North Africa.

In our extensive experience in the region, our firm has provided legal and arbitration services to clients in the governments of both Libya and the United Arab Emirates, as well as corporations and individuals. 


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