Human Rights Law

International Human Rights Law

Leading Libyan Law Firm which advises on international and Libyan human rights law before international panels.

As a leading Libyan law firm with a proud commitment to human rights and justice, our lawyers provide comprehensive legal services concerning human rights law, including expert legal opinions on Libyan human rights law.

We not only provide legal opinions and represent clients on client matters relating to:

  • International human rights
  • Libyan public law, criminal and civil law
  • We serve as expert legal witnesses on Libyan law for clients seeking retribution before the courts of Western jurisdictions for cases on rendition and war crimes.

Our founding partner, Dr. Mohamed Karbal served as the expert legal witness on Libyan law on the team of counsel of Abdul Hakim Belhadja’s rendition case which resulted in a settlement in favor of Mr. Belhadj in 2018.

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