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At KARBAL & CO, we provide our clients with world class services. Since our inception, our diverse pool of clients has allowed us to gain extensive cross-border transactional experience spanning the globe.

With our work in the public sector, we are one of the most experienced law firms in the Emirates in matters of drafting legislation, most notably in the maritime industry, where the legislation our legal consultants drafted and reviewed is still enforced today. With our growing experience in the region, we assist governments by drafting and reviewing current and new legislation to ensure that the region complies with international regulation and industry standards. 


Our experience includes the following:

Maritime & Shipping Law

Established first as a maritime law firm in Dubai, our legal experience has allowed us to play a role in the maritime industry of South-East Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. Specializing mainly in all transactional law aspects, we have extensive experience in providing legal consultancy to various maritime actors, from shipping companies (carriers, shipping agents, logistic companies, etc.) to general traders with matters of international trade, such as the international sale and maritime transportation of commodities throughout the globe, from the Middle East and North Africa, to South America. Our transactional experience further includes litigation and international arbitration involving international actors concerning international commodities disputes. Furthermore, we provide all legal advice for maritime service agreements, such as ship building and towage. 

In the past years, we have had extensive cross-border experience in the sales of vessels. We have represented clients in the purchase and sale of their ships located in various jurisdictions around the world. 

 Our maritime experience consists of international arbitration cases, including disputes for international trade and enforcement of arbitration awards. 

As our Managing Partner Dr. Karbal was the Head of the Legal Department of the Abu Dhabi Transportation Department, we have experience in assisting government offices. We have reviewed and redrafted the currently enacted “Waterways Management Regulations for the Emirates of Abu Dhabi,” which concern the rules for navigation, safety of ships and licensing. 

Oil & Gas

As an oil & gas law firm, we have experience in the downstream and midstream sectors of the oil & gas industry. We have experience in providing legal services for the construction of a pipeline stretching across different countries for the transportation of oil. Furthermore, our experience includes drafting contracts for the sale of oil products, such as bitumen. We have drafted several legal documents for joint venture agreements for  the sale of oil & gas. 

Arbitration & Mediation

Our arbitration experience is extensive, as we have experience representing our clients in the UAE and in London, United Kingdom. In order to provide our clients with alternatives to litigation, we provide dispute resolution services for all our areas of practice, from maritime and shipping issues, to oil & gas, health care, and corporate and commercial matters. Our team of lawyers are capable of representing our clients on matters in both English and Arabic.

We currently cooperate with major international law firms on contentious matters including multi-million and multi-billion dollar claims for arbitration cases involving Libya and the Middle East at arbitration centers throughout the world. 

Health Care Law 

Our health care law practice has allowed us to provide services from a vast number of international clients, from hospitals and insurance companies, to biomedical companies and governments. Due to Dr. Karbal’s experience in drafting legislation, we are capable of providing legal advice while taking into account any health care regulatory concerns. Our experience includes company formation and franchising, purchase and sale of hospital equipment, drafting contracts for technology systems, reviewing contracts for recruitment of staff, and more. 

We have experience with assisting clients in medical malpractice lawsuits in the Emirates. 

Information Technology

Our intellectual property experience includes registering trademark and copyright, most notably for intellectual property companies. We have represented IT firms in both registering their trademarks as well as forming their corporations in Dubai. 

Our firm has successfully represented plaintiffs in the prosecution of trademark infringement cases before UAE courts.

 Commercial Law

Our Commercial law practice has enabled us to provide legal services to a variety of industries in the MENA region. The industries include internationally-recognized hospitality firms, real estate firms, maritime companies, biomedical firms, and information technology companies. In the past, we have provided contractual drafting and negotiation services, in addition to franchising and regulatory legal opinions. 



We are a DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center) registered law firm, and we are capable of practicing before both the courts of Dubai and the DIFC. 



With offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Tripoli, Libya, KARBAL & CO is an international law firm that provides legal consultancy and arbitration services to contribute to the growth and development of the Middle East and North Africa.

In our extensive experience in the region, our firm has provided legal and arbitration services to clients in the governments of both Libya and the United Arab Emirates, as well as corporations and individuals. 


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