Dubai Health insurance: New Mandatory Law Dubai

New Mandatory Health Insurance Law in Dubai

A Brief summary 

Dubai Health insurance: Starting in January 1, 2014, Dubai’s new mandatory health insurance went into effect. Inspired by legislation in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi, Dubai enacted Law No. 11 of 2013, which set to create a consolidated health care system for the entire Emirate and its population of 3 billion. To whom is the Law applicable? Under the law, all employers in Dubai are required to provide health insurance for their employees.

Similar to attempts that have been made in the U.S, the law requires mandatory health insurance for employees of all industries, public and private sectors, including the free zones. Family members and dependents of the employees will also be included in the coverage by 30th of June 2016.

What Health Coverage will the Insurance provide? The insurance is set to provide basic health coverage for nationals, residents, and visitors of the Emirate. However, the nationals will receive additional coverage for certain services. Procedures covered will include emergency treatments, visits to a general practitioner, and procedures such as maternity, investigative, and surgical referrals made to specialists. The insurance can be used by insured persons in both public and private hospitals.

Health coverage varies, from 500 to 700 for insurance premiums and has an aggregate limit of 150,000 AED per annum. 1,500 AED will be allocated for medication.

The insurance has begun to be provided by seven insurance companies, and has been made available for those making less than 4,000 AED a month. When will the Insurance Law be implemented?

Deadlines to comply vary depending on the size of the company. Companies will more than 1,000 employees must comply with the law by 31 Oct 2014. Companies with 100-999 employees must implement the law by 31 July 2015, and the law will be compulsory for companies with less than 100 employees by 30 June 2016.

KARBAL &CO is a full-service international law firm with offices in Libya and Dubai that serve the needs of businesses and governments in Libya and the United Arab Emirates. It was founded by Dr. Mohamed Karbal, who served as the first General Counsel for the Abu Dhabi Health Authority. Dr. Karbal drafted legislation and provided legal service for Abu Dhabi and its government hospitals.

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