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Libyan Law

Karbal & Co is the first international law firm to open an office in Libya in 2010.


At Karbal & Co, we pride ourselves on being one of the most experienced Libyan law firms in providing legal services to foreign multinationals and governments. 

The New Libya promises to provide an extraordinary opportunity for multinational companies to invest in its reconstruction. To assist interested foreign corporations in establishing a foothold in the region, we will provide all legal services needed to establish and maintain a business presence in Libya through our Tripoli office. 

Following in the footsteps of our firm in Dubai, we provide the same legal services in our new Tripoli office. Yet, we have tailored the services for the Libyan market and our local and international clientele. To best assist our clients in legal disputes, we specialize in providing legal opinions and interpretations of Libyan public and administrative law. 


Expert opinions on Libyan Law

Our firm provides legal opinions on all contentious matters involving Libyan law. In furtherance of assisting our clients, our Libyan legal consultants serve as expert witnesses for all legal matters involving Libyan law. 

Our Libyan lawyers are fluent in Arabic and capable of delivering expert legal opinions. Our founding partner, Dr. Karbal has personally served as an expert witness on contentious matters involving Libyan law, including serving as an expert witness in U.S. federal court. 

We currently cooperate with major international law firms on contentious matters including multi-million and multi-billion dollar claims for arbitration cases involving Libya and the Middle East at arbitration centers throughout the world.

Please see our detailed list of services in our Areas of Practice.

Maritime Law 

We maintain a solid knowledge and experience in providing legal advice on local and international shipping and maritime issues. Our recent experience includes:

  • We have provided legal advice and assisted clients with the arrest of ships, both Libyan registered ships and ships sailing in Libyan territorial waters.
  • Our maritime team has assisted various clients in both the private and public sector, including an internationally-recognized oil company.
  • Our managing partner, Dr. Karbal successfully advised on Libyan regulation and served as an expert witness for a U.S. client who was awarded summary judgment in a maritime insurance law suit in U.S. Federal Court.
  • We have provided legal services in maritime arbitration law suit for damaged cargo for commodities.

Oil & Gas

As a leading oil & gas law firm in Libya, our firm regularly advises international oil companies and international law firms with their transactional and contentious affairs in Libya. Our extensive experience in the oil and gas industry has encompassed legal consultation for both midstream and downstream sectors. We have interpreted the applicability of Libyan law to Exploration and Production Sharing Agreements (EPSA Agreements) on behalf of an international law firm. We provide legal opinions on force majeure to contracts due to the current situation in Libya.

Intellectual Property and formation Technology

Our IT knowledge enables it to represent clients in agreements for technology development, procurement, licensing, distribution and transfer of software and hardware. Our IT practice covers all aspects of this developing industry.

Corporate Law

KARBAL & CO brings experience, technical capabilities and creativity to each project. These qualities enhance our reputation as a firm that assist clients to identify and effectively pursue their commercial needs and objectives. Our recent experience includes registering foreign multinationals in Libya. 

Commercial & International Trade

We are prepared to provide our clients with legal services related to matters in commercial law and international trade. Our past experience with international trade disputes involves assisting both Libyan companies and foreign multinationals with contentious matters held in both arbitration centers and courts. 

Health care

KARBAL & CO has experience in health care compliance issues while providing comprehensive legal services to clients in various segments of the healthcare industry. Dr. Karbal served as the first General Counsel for the Abu Dhabi Health Authority, and has worked on teams to draft legislation, including the Abu Dhabi Health Insurance law, that is still in force today. 

Trademark registration

We provide service to individual and business entities to establish, protect and enforce their intellectual property rights in Libya and the Middle East through a network of associates.



Due to the current situation in Libya, we provide all legal services for Libya from our Dubai office. 

For those seeking legal services in Libya, please contact us at: 

Tel: +97143432611

Mobile: +971502690038

Email: uae@karbal.net

We look forward to hearing from you. 



With offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Tripoli, Libya, KARBAL & CO is an international law firm that provides legal consultancy and arbitration services to contribute to the growth and development of the Middle East and North Africa.

In our extensive experience in the region, our firm has provided legal and arbitration services to clients in the governments of both Libya and the United Arab Emirates, as well as corporations and individuals. 


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