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Health Care Law & Medical Malpractice

Committed to development, KARBAL & CO assists government and private clients with legal matters relating to the health care industry of the UAE and Libya. Our extensive expertise in health care regulation in the UAE and Libya, and all legal matters pertaining to the health care industry has allowed us to provide thorough legal services to past clients. 

Our team includeds western educated medical personnel and expert witnesses for assistance with all medical issues concerning client demands. 

KARBAL & CO’s practice of health care is based on the far-reaching experience of the founding partner, Dr. Mohamed Karbal, in the UAE health care industry in both the government and private sectors. After working as the first General Counsel of Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Dr. Mohamed Karbal provided legal consultancy to various health care providers in the private sector in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. His experience includes participation on the committee with drafted the health insurance legislation for the government of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates which is in effect today. 

We assist clients in the following areas of practice: 

Commercial Law

  • We assist our clients on all commercial law matters, such as sales contracts, commercial agreements for the purchase of pharmaceuticals. 

Medical malpractice and litigation

  • We represent clients in the Courts of the UAE for all claims for medical malpractice, such as practitioners and hospitals.
  • We represent clients in breach of contract suits, such as labor and sales contracts.

Corporate Law and Company formation

  • In our past experience, we have assisted our clients with forming companies and start-ups, as well as aiding international companies at establishing branches.

Intellectual Property and Technology

  • Our legal practice includes advising clients on licensing, purchasing, procurement and data protection for computer systems.
  • Our intellectual property practice allows clients in the medical industry to obtain trademark and patent protection, as well as actions and prosecution in defense of intellectual property rights.

Labor law and Employment

  • We advise clients on recruitment and hiring of medical staff, as well as all advisory matters on contract review.
  • We assist clients in all claims on labor law violations, such as breach of contract claims.


  • We provide clients seeking interpretation of the new UAE health insurance law. 
  • We provide counseling and legal services to clients who have suffered penalties for failing to subscribe for health insurance for their employees. 


Our recent experience and practice in this field includes:

  • We were retained as a law firm for a UAE health care government entity. 
  • Drafting contacts for international management and operation of healthcare facilities in the UAE.
  • Assisting health authorities in the UAE in reviewing proposals submitted by international healthcare providers to manage and operate healthcare facilities
  • Advising on government tender process.
  • Reviewing proposed employment contracts for medical staffs.
  • Drafting contracts on healthcare information systems.
  • Advising on health insurance and health litigation issues. Establishing and formation of health care providers.

 Our recent medical malpractice experience includes:

  • Provided legal services for clients seeking medical malpractice lawsuit against health care provider.
  • Successfully defended health care physician whose license has been revoked and assisted the client in obtaining their license.

Our past clients include:

  • Biomedical companies
  • International Hospitals and Clinics
  • Government entities
  • Medical equipment suppliers
  • Insurance companies
  • Private investors
  • Private claimants (medical malpractice)
  • Physicians (Doctors, nurses) for medical malpractice


Our Publications

Medical Malpractice in the U.A.E: The Authority of an Expert Opinion in Medical Malpractice Litigation

Health Insurance Law Dubai & Abu Dhabi: Employer Responsabilities & Duties  


See our Areas of Practice for more information about other legal services provided by our law firm.



With offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Tripoli, Libya, KARBAL & CO is an international law firm that provides legal consultancy and arbitration services to contribute to the growth and development of the Middle East and North Africa.

In our extensive experience in the region, our firm has provided legal and arbitration services to clients in the governments of both Libya and the United Arab Emirates, as well as corporations and individuals. 


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