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DUBAI- Implementation of Health Insurance Law Extended

This article was taken from Gulf News

Law has been extended to cover all service providers within Dubai Healthcare City

Staff Report
May 26, 2015


Dubai: In order to streamline health care insurance laws within Dubai Healthcare City ( DHCC ), His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has issued Resolution No (8) of 2015 extending the implementation of Dubai’s Health Insurance Law on health-care service providers licensed within DHCC .

The resolution aims to define the DHCC authority as the government entity responsible for the implementation of Law No (11) of 2013 pertaining to health insurance on the health-care facilities registered in Dubai Healthcare City .

Pursuant to the new resolution, the DHCC authority is solely authorised to implement the health insurance Law on health-care service providers within DHCC , and the authority is competent to license service providers to provide health-care services to beneficiaries of health insurance, approving prices for health-care services and monitoring their adherence to the approved prices.


The resolution also authorises the DHCC authority to oversee commitment of service providers to the Procedural Notice issued pursuant to the Health Insurance Law (No 11 of 2013) and other pertaining resolutions. The DHCC authority may also enforce penalties prescribed by law on violators, receive and investigate complaints and take the required procedures on the lodged complaints.


Employees of Dubai Healthcare City authority appointed by a resolution from the Chairman of DHCCAuthority, or by whoever the chairman may delegate, enjoy the powers of judicial officers in implicating any violations against the articles of Law No (11) of 2013. The chairman of the DHCC authority is empowered to issue any resolutions required to assure accurate implementation of this resolution.



This resolution is valid from the date of issuance and is to be published in the Official Gazette.


Gulf News 2015. All rights reserved.



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